Learn to swim correctly

The first steps in the water will often decide if your kid will feel confident in the water. Therefore safety and confidence are of crucial importance. For the first contact with the water it is obvious that you will support your little beginning swimmer with a suitable swimming aid. Always bear in mind to explain the functioning of the swimming aid to your child. If it wears   the Beverly kids floating suit, make sure that your kid fully understands the fact that only this particular swimsuit has the buoyancy, which is lacking in normal swimsuits, bikinis or trunks. Make your child aware of the fact that it is not supposed to play around with the floating bodies and that the Beverly Kids floating suit is not a life vest.

Your kid knows how to swim - A mistake that can costs life!

Even if you are sure that your kid already knows how to swim you might be mistaken. Sometimes a dangerous mistake! Kids might be able to swim properly under normal circumstances but that's it. That means as soon as your child will face a dangerous situation and will start to panic it might not b able to swim on its own anymore. Once your child is in the condition to swim properly even in critical situations you can be sure that it really knows how to swim. Until this you should not do without any swimming aids.

Characteristics while wearing the Beverly Kids Floating Suit

In general you wear the Beverly Kids Floating Suit like any other normal swim suit without buoyancy bodies. After putting on the swimsuit you should check if it fits correctly: If it is too loose the buoyancy bodies gets pushed up in the water and the shoulder parts can slip over the shoulders. Is the suit too tight it can hurt in the crotch area, which is can be very painfull especially for the boys. For safety reasons we recommend to check the seams and
floating body bags every time your kid puts on the swimsuit. Doing this you can make sure that the swimsuit has not been damaged by romping. After swimming the swimsuit should dry before it is stored away.

Characteristics while wearing the Beverly Kids Swim Shoes

Please take care that the shoes do fit perfectly. You can adjust the shoe with the velcro strap. After using them they should dry pretty quickly.

Removing and inserting the buoyancy bodies

The best way to remove or insert the buoyancy bodies is to use both hands. Expand the stretch band of the Beverly Kids Floating Suit carefully with one hand and take out the buoyancy body with the other hand. Insert the bodies in same way.

Removing particular buoyancy bodies from the floating suit

Never take out particular buoyancy bodies from the floating suit, because you think your kid already knows a bit better how to swim - either your kid knows how to swim or not. If you take out some particular bodies, the Beverly Kids Floating Suit can not provide its maximum protection anymore.

Care instructions of Floating - and UV Protection Suits

Especially salt water can affect textiles. In order to make sure that your little ones will enjoy their trendy outfits for a long time simply rinse the textiles and then hang to dry. The best way is hand washing with a mild detergent. Please take out the buoyancy bodies before washing the swimsuit (Attention: Never take them out in front of the kids as this might lead to imitation and the kids might use the buoyancy bodies for playing). Especially UV textiles should be rinsed after every use.  

Colourful and stylish on the beach

We offer more than 45 different designs, so there is something for everybody. The clou is that your kids are having fun with their eye-catching outfit and you will be able to spot your child even on a completely crowded beach.

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