Finally you are on the beach and into the water you go without having to worry about your valuables or constantly keeping a close eye to your stuff on the beach?! Here is the solution: Just put your money, keys, mobile phone and flight tickets into the Waterboy and simply take it with you while you are in the water.

WATERBOY is a waterproof bag-belt with an integrated inflatable air bag and a waterproof bag. If required you can blow up the air bag and protect your valuables from getting wet. The inflatable bag prevents the bag with a maximum weight of 400 gramm from sinking. Furthermore there are thin steel wires inside the belt, which makes it pretty difficult to cut and therefore prevents it from being stolen in an unattended moment. Combined with its fashionable design it will be a trusty attendant on Sightseeing-Tours or any other outdoor activities, that will require you full attention. None of the things precious to you, can be stolen easily or get lost suddenly.

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