With Beverly Kids you are on the safe side. We only offer products which have been tested thoroughly by different independent institutions.

Floating Suits

The Beverly Kids Floating Suit is 'GS' tested by TÜV Rheinland. That means, the swimsuits and the EVA Buoyancy bodies do not contain any toxic or hazardous substances and also do not emit any of these substances when getting wet.

There is another very important safety aspect: By adjusting the sizes of the buoyancy bodies to the different sizes of the swimsuits it is impossible that your kid might fall forward in the water. In all situations your kid is safely in the water, without getting too much buoyancy. So it will be also able to stand in the water without any difficulties.

Regarding our production we always set a high value on working together only with our long term suppliers, who take care of their employees and workers, by fulfilling social standards and who have passed all factory checks by Test Institutions. Therefore we take responsibility not only for our own action, but also for the whole production environment. We take social responsibility.

UV Textiles

Only products with the Certification of Standard 801 from Institut Hohenstein fulfil the highest protection requirements, not only regarding the protection level, but also concerning the sustainability. All our textiles are hard-wearing brand quality, durable and keep their safety promise. That provides a peace of mind for you while watching your children playing in the sun all summer long. However, please bear in mind that your children are not supposed to play in the sun for more than two hours even with their UV protection suits on. Maybe you should make longer breaks now and then in order to give your skin and eyes a rest from the sun. Please pay special attention when your kids are in the water. Here the reflection of the sun is extremely strong.

DSV (German Swim Association)

Even the German Swim Association is positive about our items and recommends Beverly Kids.

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