Beverly Kids Floating Suit - Facts about the smart floating suit:

Unlike other swimming aids the Beverly Kids Floating suit does not constrict your kids while doing their first steps in the water. Neither does it affect the mobility nor will it cause any marks. It also will not itch or slip. 

Swimming in the water your kid will be supported by 8 floating bodies, which are integrated in the swimsuit in height of breast in small fitted bags. The floating bodies will give the little beginning swimmers the necessary buoyancy, in order to get a feeling for their bodies in the water.
Furthermore the floating bodies are close to the body (body weight), therefore the kids do not have the feeling they have to fight against sinking, like with inflatable swim rings. They can stay absolutely relaxed in water and paddle with their arms.

Once your kid feels save in the water it can concentrate with more confidence on coordinating arms and legs. Bit by bit your kid will be able to get used to the new technique - and will learn how to swim, without fear and in its own way and time.

A further advantage for learning to swim safely: The buoyancy bodies are not filled with air but consist of EAV-Foam (tested by lab), which is fixed to the suit by a starching belt. Therefore there is no need to fear that the buoyancy bodies might not work properly (due to loosing air etc.)

And even after swimming you can always rely on your Beverly Kids Floating suit. Jumping in and out of the water it can easily happen that usual flotation devices might slip or get completely lost. The floating suit stays where it belongs in order to protect your kid: back on land like with a 'normal' bathing suit your kid can do whatever it wants, till it jumps back into the water - a safe bet!

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